5 Ways an Electronic Newsletter Helps Your Company Go Global

Q: We have recently expanded our business to the U.S. What are the benefits of an electronic newsletter--will it help our company go global?

A: If you are an international company expanding to the U.S., an electronic newsletter can contribute to your goal of going global. The success of the newsletter depends upon providing information that is interesting and helpful and publishing on a regular basis (in most cases, once a month). Here are five ways an electronic newsletter can help your company go global: Read More...

3 Ways to Create a Marketing Plan on the Fly

Q: We are managing the business day to day, putting out fires or jumping from one perceived opportunity to the next. The rest of the time we are networking until we drop, dead tired each night. As the CEO, I know we need a marketing plan to help us focus, as a team, on what’s important to get traction and attract investors. My time is limited and I need to create a plan that is quick and effective--ideas?

A: Sounds like your team has a lot of energy--and that’s great. It’s good to see that you recognize the importance of focusing that energy to grow the business. The ideal marketing plan is created thoughtfully, matching what you have to offer with market hunger. However, if it’s a situation of creating a plan quickly or not at all, by all means, create the plan. When developing your plan, focus on the critical aspects of your business, including customer acquisition and satisfaction, product and service development, competition, expansion, partners, and distribution, to name a few. Here are three ways to create a marketing plan on the fly. Read More...

5 Ways to Kill Your Digital Brand

Q: We have a lot of competition in our space and are looking for ways to get noticed and gain traction in the eyes of potential investors. We’re using social media to promote our brand but it feels like a huge waste of time. What are we doing wrong?

A: Hey, at least you’re trying! Succeeding or failing to leverage your digital brand depends on your approach. The good news is that you have an opportunity to correct what’s not working, starting today. Here are five ways to kill your digital brand--correct any one of these pitfalls and you will begin to see results. Correct all five pitfalls and enjoy the traction that comes from being a digital branding artist. Read More...

How to Promote Your Event

Q: We are planning a series of business seminars to raise our visibility with customers and prospects. Everything is ready to go--how can we promote the events on a shoestring budget?

A: I’m going to assume that your topics, speakers, dates, registration fees (if any) and locations are on target, since you are asking about promotions. If you want to promote your events on a shoestring budget, consider these five tips:

Explainer Videos

Q: We are hearing about explainer videos--what are they and can they help our company?

A: Explainer videos share, in clear words and pictures, just what it is you are offering to the marketplace. An explainer video can act as your remote salesperson, explaining your value proposition, 24 hours a day in any location.

Explainer videos are especially helpful if you are a startup with a novel concept, or if what you are selling is at the prototype stage, or if you are selling in wide geographic domestic or international markets, or if you are a service firm “selling the invisible.” Here are five tips for creating an effective explainer video: Read More...

International Company Entering the U.S. Market

Q: We are an established tech company based in Latin America. Late last year, we opened an office in Silicon Valley as the first step in our plan to expand to the U.S. marketplace. We can’t dedicate personnel full-time in the U.S. until we demonstrate traction, but we do have a consistent presence. Any ideas?

A: Congratulations on making a commitment to expansion in the U.S. Branding and promotions will never take the place of interpersonal relationships. However, if you have personnel in the U.S. on a somewhat regular basis, even if it’s one week per month or two, you can leverage promotional tools to establish your brand, raise your visibility, make sales calls more effective, and create an on-going dialogue with clients, prospects and partners. Whether you are an established U.S. company or an international firm looking for traction in the U.S., the idea is to participate consistently in the marketplace or be forgotten. There are many ways to make an impact in the U.S. market. Consider these five ideas for leveraging the power of your brand to sell for you when you can’t be there in person:
  1. Create an engaging website customized to the taste and needs of the American market.
  2. Share stories of your key initiatives and their meaningful outcomes with a monthly electronic newsletter.
  3. Develop engaging features of your people via video--these can bring you virtually face-to-face with prospects--without the cost of a flight.
  4. Share knowledge and establish your credibility with blogs and social media that contribute to the knowledge of the community.
  5. Provide interesting news about your people and initiatives with a vigorous public relations campaign.
Your U.S. and international competitors are leveraging these very tools to succeed as well. Therefore, it is your mission to create a promotional approach that is more compelling. An effective promotional approach, one that is true to your culture,value proposition and brand, will give you the one thing that every salesperson wants: the opportunity to compete.